Tequila, jackpots, & bikini bull riding—EVERYTHING happens on the strip [LAS VEGAS VLOG 2019]
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After over a year of living in Mexico, we decided to travel back to the US for our 3-year anniversary! What better place to celebrate than Las Vegas, Nevada! Over the course of 10 days, we put together this random Las Vegas vlog. It includes how we got some jackpots, bikini bull riding at Treasure Island, taking the monorail to pick up things at an Amazon Locker, and other shenanigans that happened on this Las Vegas 2019 trip.

We love staying at the Mirage. Our other favorite hotels include Cosmopolitan, Flamingo, Aria, and Treasure Island.

I don’t think we could eat Vegas buffet food forever, but we do enjoy going to the Cravings buffet at Mirage and also the buffet at Aria. We also like getting Uber Eats with the rotating free delivery deals so we don’t have to pay the ridiculously high prices on the Las Vegas strip.

We just made a video about how to save money in Las Vegas, how to get rooms for free, how to get free drinks on the strip, and how to get comps. You can see that video here: https://youtu.be/4Gy69FfDplw

We love doing as many free things as possible. We usually start by walking all over the Las Vegas strip to see things like:
1. The Bellagio fountain show
2. The rotating flower installation at Bellagio
3. All the glitz and sparkles at Cosmopolitan
4. The real flamingos at Flamingo hotel
5. The Italy-themed Venetian with its shops and canals
6. The HUGE interior of Caesars Palace with luxury stores we can’t afford, lifelike sky ceilings, sculptures, and Roman theme
7. The beautiful floral interior or Wynn
8. See the nightly volcano show at Mirage

1. The High Roller at LINQ – world’s largest observation wheel
2. A little bit of gambling – we don’t bet/spend a lot, but it can be kinda fun, plus you get complimentary drinks while you do it! [KNOW YOUR GAMBLING LIMITS.]
3. Go to the top of the Stratosphere and experience thrilling rides
4. Take a gondola ride at Venetian

What do you think of our Las Vegas Vlog? Should we come back and do some more in this city? This city isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but we really enjoy going here from time to time.

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12 thoughts on “we didn’t get married in las vegas

  1. I’ve lived abroad 4 different times (and Vegas for 2 years).  Each time I come home, things feel sooooo much easier.  Would you agree?

  2. I always visit the mirage buffet its value for money. Don’t forget to get discount voucher at the tixfortonite boothes for entertainment and food.

  3. Valladolid is amazing! I was there a few months back and was astonished as to how clean the city is and it has such a cool vibe.

  4. You’re such a nice young couple. I enjoy your way of talking. You have animated voices unlike some who seem to drone on and on in such monotonous tones of voices that you lose interest quite quickly in what they’re talking about. You two in the other hand keep the conversation riveting. Thank you.

  5. Maddi’s first In-N-Out burger? Wow! I’ll take a Double-Double with extra tomatoes, lettuce and onions (extra veggies are FREE) extra toasted buns, well done fries and a Neapolitan shake.

  6. I can’t believe I’m 34 years old from So Cal and i never been to Vegas. I might be making a trip there some time to marry my lady of 4 years someday. I hope.

    • I’m in SoCal as well and you should go there with your lady someday. It was even better and cheaper 15 years ago, but it’s still fun. The resort fees are some of the new ways they try to charge you more now, but Maddi and Jordan made a great video on how to save $$$ in Vegas.

  7. New 3-level restaurant/club opening between the strip and Fremont in June which is going to change the dynamics. Off Charleston heading northbound to Fremont. Check it out the next time you come to Vegas to vlog. Still under construction but almost done.

  8. Without that convention center Vegas would be out of business. The locals aren’t going to support those absurd food prices and room rates.

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