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10 thoughts on “TRUE Scary Story: Trip to Las Vegas

  1. That’s what happens when you try to get laid by strangers and hang out with stupid friends!

  2. I just want to know if anyone emailed Jesse to ask more about the experience? I would but I’m too scared to do it

  3. Ive been drunk af with a group of friends but never in a million years would i just leave a friend….i can see if you lose sight of em when you in that state but even then we’ve always called and looked for them until they show up….like in this day and age who just leaves they friends like that…ive seen people do it but i assume they not that cool, hope this a fake story cause real friends wouldnt leave you with a stranger, hoe or naw, in a random city at night like tf sense would that ever make.

  4. They regret what they did that night everyone, yes they were extremely selfish but they wanted Andrew to have a good time! And of course they were drunk even though thats no excuse but it’s not entirely their fault..

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