Took a trip back to the colosseum mine outside Primm, NV. We took the trails offroad from Whiskey Petes in our FJ Cruiser and Land Rover Discovery.

The video was filmed on a new go pro 7. The quality is junk in my opinion. Sorry in advance, we won’t be using the camera to film videos in the future.

THANKS for watching. #LiLV – Living in Las Vegas

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12 thoughts on “TRIP TO COLOSSEUM MINE outside Primm, NV

  1. That’s pretty cool. Beware getting in the water. With most former gold mines you will have high arsenic content in water bodies and tailings. Just a thought.

  2. Interesting! In my trips to Las Vegas I’ve been even in Primm to visit the roller coaster, but I never heard about the colosseum mine. Greetings from Germany

  3. Man that’s wild! I gotta admit..a little spooky as well. Way out there in the desert!

  4. Be shitty you or Colin if a mother of a rock came down a d hit either old girl… (car) where is Mum Colin her job test the water out lol

  5. Colosseum mine — primary mining gold and silver
    If you look for the mine on google maps, it is directly to the left of Primm, Nevada.
    There is a number of huge solar collector fields in the area.

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