Here’s the Top 5 Things to Avoid in Las Vegas! Ready to book your trip? Start here:

You’ll want to save time and money when visiting Las Vegas. So here are the things you should avoid on a Las Vegas vacation. All are meant to save you from headaches, and keep you safe on a Vegas trip.

What are the things you thing we should add to this list? Let us know!

15 thoughts on “Top Things To AVOID In Las Vegas! The Do Not Do List for a Vegas Trip

  1. Keno games happen so slowly, that it is actually a cost-effective way to chill for a while and get a free drink.

    • Now, I am not saying KENO is a profitable game, but there is a HUGE aspect to gaming most free advise givers are ignorant to, or don’t under stand.And you nailed it. Exposure to bankroll kills a gamblers budget WAY worse than the bad bets. To stick with the authors logic then 101% payback video poker machines are the only best you should be focusing on, but even though over the life of the machine it will payback 101% because of it pay table (and only get factored in at that level if a RF actually hits), the decisions per hour x EV is at such a high rate that because of the exposure to you bankroll ($1.25x 10 decisions per minute) can leave you broke way faster than a $5 BJ bet with a full table of decisions to be made every round, even with a house edge being built into the game.

  2. Guess i’m 1st lol. Just left Vegas last night and what a great city it is. Visited Bellagio, Green Valley Ranch casino+buffet, M Resort casino+ buffet, Cosmopolitan, Cadence Henderson area. So many restaurants and almost everything one can possibly imagine. Resort fees and parking fees is the only aspect of Vegas I somewhat didn’t enjoy about my visit 😎.

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