Don’t be the victim of any of these Las Vegas mistakes! Here are all the things NOT to do in Las Vegas.
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In today’s Las Vegas vlog, we’re sharing all the biggest mistakes we’ve made during our past trips in Vegas. This city can be a ton of fun if you know how to do it right. BUT if you fall prey to some of these terrible mistakes, you might end up losing a lot of money, walking away with crazy hangovers, or wasting your entire trip!

Millions of people from all over the world visit Las Vegas, Nevada each year. It should be no surprise then that there are some things you need to watch out for. From scams at the airport to the rough side effects of hanging out in the desert, there’s a LOT that can ruin your time if you aren’t careful.

After dozens of trips to the strip, we are now able to compile this list of tips for Las Vegas. We hope for any Vegas 2019 trips you have planned, this video will help you enjoy Vegas cheap, safe, and with a few Vegas hacks up your sleeve.

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16 thoughts on “The BIGGEST MISTAKES you can make in LAS VEGAS

  1. I love open spaces, in my opinion not every space have to be filled up with furniture, in my head I could use that space to lay my yoga towel and have a yoga or meditation session (visualizing how to win haha)

  2. I usually just spend the day in Las Vegas then drive to Laughlin to gamble and stay for a couple of nights.

    • We went to Laughlin once and it wasn’t really our cup of tea. Though if we didn’t want the “sensory overload” experience, Laughlin is a much better option.

    • Thank you! They’re going to be ready soon now that we found a high-quality printing company

  3. I’m one who doesn’t care for the artificial atmosphere at Las Vegas. I’d rather go hiking at Red Rocks, feed the catfish at the boat harbor on Lake Mead, or play in the snow at Charleston Peak. My kids loved the fountain show at the Bellagio and the amusement park inside Circus Circus.

    • We are BIG nature lovers as well. When we were living in Phoenix, we went hiking every single weekend. And generally, both of us would pick a nature getaway over Vegas, but it’s nice for a quick trip to let loose a little.

  4. I did the time share presentation thing, it was about 4.5 hours they pair you up with a host that spends about 4 of those hours with you. They make you feel like they are your best friend so when it comes time to talk business it’s harder for you to say no. In the end I got two free nights at Caesar’s palace (excluding the resort fees) and two free tickets to a show of my choosing. So it was a pretty good deal imo, I just got there a few hours before I had to check in to the hotel, and by the time the presentation was over it was the exact time to check in.

    Oh and I also got a 2 more free nights at the Luxor when it was over but I haven’t returned since then and I think it expired lol

    • Sounds like you got quite a bit of value out of it and planned it nicely with your checkin

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