THe Best Hotels On The Vegas Strip

Last time we detailed the Worst Hotels on the Vegas Strip. So This time around, we took down the other end of the spectrum. Here are the Best Vegas Hotels to stay at, during your trip to #Vegas. And while you’re here, stick around and learn how to play the MyVegas App. Who knows, next time you go the Vegas, you could get Free Hotel Comps and stay at one of these fabulous properties for free.

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16 thoughts on “The Best Hotels In Las Vegas

  1. Hi ace did you manage to ask your friends if they know any casinos that have slot machines that take/payout in coins Half’s/dollars ? Leaving the UK on Wednesday

    • +Ace Of Vegas arr that’s a bummer. Well the meet and greets sounds like a good plan, fingers crossed the missis is on board with your plans 😀

    • Dude I’ll *just* miss ya. My next trip is on the 21st. We’re finally building a larger fanbase so I’m considering a special meet-up trip soon. Still gotta talk to the wife about it though.

    • +Ace Of Vegas that’s great ace many thanks. We are there for 10 days so if your planning on visiting Vegas and want some English foods let me know and I’ll grab you some bits before we leave

    • Actually yes indeed mate. Sadly I only got 2 answers, with reference points 7 and 1 years old respectively. One friend said the 2nd floor of Fitzgerald’s. Sadly that Casino is now “The D” and my bros have NOT visited since the change in 2012. Another possibility would be the El Cortez. Honestly, the strip is devoid of them so your only bet (As a lowly tourist like me and not a local lol) is Downtown/Freemont Street. I’d still ask around, my footage of Circus Circus on last years trip still had 3 quarter machines. But I’d go to Freemont Street. Worst case, you can have a helluva fun, old school, Vegas night down there regardless. Safe travels man, tell us about it when you’re back!

  2. The misses and I took advantage of the 3 night MyVegas reward for the Mirage back in February. We had a great time. We also stayed one night at the Park MGM. Though the new renovations are nice, the basic room is rather small and somewhat plain. It was up to date and clean though, plus the price was pretty good too.

    • Rock on, I missed the 3 Nighter at Mirage because of work. Glad you and the wife got to capitalize on it, I love hearing about great trip reports like this!

  3. Yesss! Great video as always, thank you my dude, you should also show your face more often haha 😁

    • Thanks CG! The people really gave us a solid list, I’m just glad a few of my favorites made it.

    • It was fun to make. Though the Fanbase and MyVegas group did all the hard work for me.

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