5 weeks in America, which covers mainly the states of California, Utah, Nevada and Arizona. Met so many new amazing people, made so many incredible memories, stood on way too many cliffs, took a few too many selfies, drove on the wrong side of the road too many times and nearly stood on a snake.

– song by The Glitch Mob – We Can Make The World Stop

Disclaimer – Going to the usa i was unaware of the drone flying restrictions and regrettably i flew in some of these areas. In australia we use an app called “can i fly here” which didnt list any red zones while i was in america. I have since learnt that this app is for australia only. That being said, i always made sure as i always do, that when i few the drone, there were no people or wildlife around to disturb. I would strongly not recommend flying in these areas like i did and do the research before going to any areas outside the locations you normally visit.