Filmed on June 8, 2018: While during my stay in Vegas, I got to meet 2 amazing friends who I’ve known for a super long time that moved 2 years ago! Mason and her mother; we hung out at the Paris Las Vegas Hotel & Casino and came to this elevator right behind the elevator that leads to the Eiffel Tower’s observation deck. I want to say a big thanks to the staff in the entrance booth for allowing us to ride this elevator! As you could see, Mason is holding my Otis Luxury call station that I received from the Palace Tower at Caesars while Schindler is modernizing their elevators there. This, for now, will conclude the Las Vegas videos, a trip report video will be going live tomorrow morning! However, I still have a few more videos from the Las Vegas trip left, but I will be uploading them on an upcoming holiday season. With that said, enjoy a ride on a VERY NICE Otis Series 2 elevator with an amazing friend and her mother! Also, notice the early version call station in the beginning of this video, a lot of the buttons were replaced in this whole facility. Installed in 1999.


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