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In this weeks watch new we look at the new Omega Movement new releases from Spinnaker and my recent trip to Las Vegas

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21 thoughts on “Omega 321 Relaunch, Vegas Trip, New Spinnaker Dumas and other News

  1. One simple fact explains every weird move Rolex makes: it’s that Rolex has no owner/shareholder whose profit they need to worry about. It’s owned by the Hans Wilsdorf foundation, the real purpose of which is to keep the Rolex name alive for eternity. Everything that Rolex does is just a part of their long term (read infinite term) plan to uphold the brand’s prestige.

    • I wonder if it is helping the brands prestige by having customers practically laughed out of ADs when they want to buy a submaraner. And their complete lack of innovation in comparison to their competitors would also effect them at some point I would imagine.

  2. God Sam you are coming across as a little naïve. Omega sends 3 guys to an auction the bid up the price of the auction and buy back the watch at an inflated price. The price they buy it for is peanuts compared to the publicity it generates. Then also other people who own similar watches get the auction knock on price increase to their watches thus generating interest in Omega.

    • Hey Anon, interesting perspective. If that is the case then I wonder why I have only seen a story about them owning these now? Thanks for commenting

  3. lol do you really think a watch has been on the moon? Come on Sam Nasa have said on 5 separate occasions they are still working on the technology for radiation protection and should have it before 2025 to get people out of the Exosphere.

    • Hi Anon, I have to say I do think we did go to the moon but I have watched a lot of the documentaries from both sides. In fact, to be honest I like the romance of the idea that Stanley Kubrick made the Shining as more of a confession of his involvement in recording the moon landings than a movie. But I also think it did happen!

  4. If Spinnaker had ‘Swiss made’ on the dials, they’d be a force to be reckoned with. Whoever is designing their watches knows what they’re doing.

    • I agree actually, I wonder how well the Bronze ‘swiss made’ one they had preformed. I know Federico did a review of one.

  5. Rolex’s antics make the brand hard to love. It’s become a name I don’t want to be associated with, regardless of nice the watches are. It felt good selling mine, and it shouldn’t be that way.

    • Its just a really weird way to go about business in my eyes. My mate who I was with really wanted a GMT master II thats why we were seriously looking.

  6. Wow thank you so much for featuring me in this week’s episode Sam! I really didn’t expect that since I can’t compete with SOTCs from heavyweights when it comes to luxury watches, meaningful (heirloom) pieces and wild cards yet. I’m working on it 😉 I’ve been wearing that SARB035 you’re showing for days on end, and the more I wear it, the more I like it… this makes me want to get a GS so bad! Anyway, thanks again, and I’ll guess we’ll make something happen by BW2019 at the latest! Cheers

    • +The Casual Watch Reviewer Haha 😀 I had one before, two tone S&G please! Nothing wrong with the Pro Diver, quite the contrary actually…

    • Happy to feature it, I really enjoyed it. Your collection is similar to mine except with more seiko and less invicta 😄

    • Thanks TEEJ, going to try and stick with the format for the foreseeable future and see how successful they are!

  7. I agree with the new 300. When it was first shown I was not impressed but this is a watch that really has to be seen in real life, it’s a stunning dial, totally converted me when seeing it for real.

    • Yes I was really impressed actually, its a definite update rather than a few tweaks!

  8. New subscriber and glad I found you. Looking forward to catching up on your content and looking forward to the future content as well. Cheers! – Brett

    • Hey Brett really appreciate it, let me know what you think of the other uploads when you get around to watching a few and welcome to the channel!

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