Things YOU need to know before you travel to Las Vegas Nevada. Las Vegas is Big, so is the Strip. Things are much further away than they seem from looking on a map. it will take you at least a 15-30 minute walk to get to a different hotel than your own. The Las Vegas strip is 4 miles. Find the shortcuts between hotels (Bally’s to Paris). Bring Comfortable Footwear. Leave the 4 inch heels at home, or have a second pair. Use the free trams (Luxor to Excalibur) (Monte Carlo to Bellagio). The monorail is pretty convenient too. Don’t try to hail Taxis on the strip, they won’t stop, it’s illegal. Go to a hotel taxi stand to get a taxi, be prepared to wait in line. And traffic at 6pm is awful

2. Downtown Las Vegas
Is really far. $30 cab ride
But the Freemont Street Experience is cool
And it’s neat to see “old” vegas
People say the best slot machine odds are downtown (worst at the airport)

3. Hotels
Don’t pick the cheapest hotels… You’ll regret that $25/night rate.
If you want to be in the “middle” stay around Caesars Palace
Resort fees… ugh!
Many strip hotels are charging for parking, loyalty program might get it for free
If you like “peace and quiet” pick a non-casino hotel. I usually stay at Marriott properties a block or two off the strip, no resort or parking fees.

4. Gambling
Learn the games, lots of free classes at Casinos
Join the Player’s Clubs
Lots of free perks
Front of line, free parking, discounts on shows, food, etc

5. It’s the desert
Drink plenty of water, it’s dry all the time
Buy the water at a supermarket. Can be $6 a bottle at the casino
In the summer its really hot!
Wear suncreen
In the winter it can be really cold and windy! Bring a jacket Nov-Feb.
The casinos are always super cold… so bring a light jacket or sweater even in summer

6. When to go?
When there isn’t a convention in town… check the convention calendars
Mid-week and Christmas is also a slow time
Vegas doesn’t close… ever it’s 24/7

7. Food
Is awesome
Do some research before you go — there are lots of good restaurants, but they aren’t the obvious ones
For example, Bouchon is hidden up some random elevator in the Venetian
If there’s a famous restaurant somewhere else in the world that you’ve wanted to eat at, it might very well have a location in Vegas
For Example HofBrauHaus from Munich
Can be expensive
But can be cheap. You can still find a T-bone steak for $4.95
Cheapest is usually downtown
Chinatown has good eats too
Breakfast is available 24/7

7.1. Buffets are great,
But just once a day
Twice a day is overdoing it!
The time at the end of lunch right before dinner is the best deal
IF you time it perfectly with the line
But the lines can be LONG, think hours, 1, 2, 3 hours even.
Eat dinner at 5pm or 8:30pm to avoid the rush.

7.2. You can drink alcohol anywhere
Leaving a hotel? Ask for a to-go cup and drink on the sidewalk

8. ATMs are super expensive
Standard Vegas ATM fee is like $6
Bring Cash
Bank ATMS are hard to find

9. Smoking
Seems to be allowed everywhere
larger megaresorts have higher ceilings and good filtration systems,
but the smaller, older casinos can get quite smoky.

10. Tipping
Everybody wants a tip in Vegas
15-20% for restaurants
Costumed people on the streets want money for photos


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19 thoughts on “Las Vegas Travel Tips: 10 Things to Know Before You Go to Las Vegas

  1. Good tips! As a former Vegas resident who still travels there often, here are some of mine-

    1. Mom & Pop restaurants/local chains offer some unique & tasty fare at cheaper prices. Some of my faves – Pinches Tacos in the Container Park, Skinny/Fats, the legendary Peppermill, Tacos Mexico, VegeNation.

    2. $29 a night rooms or less are perfectly fine if you don’t plan on hanging out in your room much. If you just need a place to crash & stash your stuff, they’ll do. But know that you are usually getting tired motel room quality. If you want luxe, stick to the big name resorts. If you want quiet, stick to the south end of the Strip or better yet, stay in Henderson, where you’ll still be within easy reach – a 15 minute drive or so.

    3. Older hotels/casinos will always be smellier as a consequence of age. If you’re sensitive to that, then research your hotels and make sure it was constructed relatively recently.

    4. Cabs gouge you. All of them. I lived without a car in Vegas for 6 months and had to rely on cabs & buses to get around and cabs are pricey and always, always late. Buses are cheap but tend to break down often during the summer months, when the excessive heat gets to them. Rent a car or Uber.

    5. Make a game plan before going to the Strip. Research and make a list of what you want to see. The Strip is loud & chaotic, a frenzy of activity, especially as day becomes night, it is easy to become disoriented. If you map out the places where you want to go ahead of time, you’ll save yourself a lot of extra time and confusion.

    6. If you’re feeling overcome by all the noise & hoopla, a ride on the High Roller ferris wheel is relaxing & calming with great views. I highly recommend it.

    7. The chilly weather in winter doesn’t last long and tends to fluctuate. You still get some balmy days in between the chilly ones. And this is Vegas chilly. Midwesterners and New Englanders balk at Vegas cold. So if you don’t mind temps hovering above 32 degrees, December/January is a great time to visit.

    8. If you have a dog to walk or want to decompress, try Charlie Frias park off Tropicana & Decatur. Walking paths, a soccer pitch, even a xeriscaped, rock maze to wander through make this a beautiful spot to take a breath. Also, there’s nearby Sunset Park, across from the airport, off Sunset & Eastern, with trails and trees and lakes, it’s a favorite place for locals. Then there’s my favorite, the Clark County Wetlands park, 3000 acres of wetlands habitat, streams, ponds, rapids and trails that wind all the way to Lake Mead. A hidden gem.

    9. If you’re a smoker the price of cigarettes in Vegas may take you aback. I don’t smoke anymore, but used to, casually. Vending machines can charge upwards of $9 a pack, though it might be even more now, since I haven’t bought a pack in 5 years.

    10. Since the shooting, which locals refer to as “OneOctober,” the police presence and security has increased throughout Vegas and in the hotels. I’ve stayed at 2 different hotels since OneOctober, and each of them had a security guard posted next to the elevators at lobby level. They also had implemented a system whereby when you ride the elevator, you must swipe a room key to get to your floor. If you don’t have your room card, the elevator won’t move!

    • With the mom and pop places to eat is exactly what I want to do. I wanna find nice little diners to eat for a good decent price.

    • Also don’t get in people’s faces about smoking, if they’re drunk they might knock you out and the cops won’t care to much.

    • Angel La Canfora I’m not trying to be rude but you’re a really hot nerdy type and with all due respect I’d like to suck your toes next visit.

  2. You said the Venetian is a block off the Strip. IT IS ON the Strip. Also, the water is FREE to anyone playing the slots. It’s recommended to tip the girls bring it to you. That is their living. Also, people on the street you take pictures with, DO tell you there is a fee.

  3. I’ve never used an ATM although the banks have been encouraging me to do so since 1975.

  4. Another time of year to avoid is major sporting events, Super Bowl weekend, March Madness, big boxing match/MMA fight (if it’s taking place here), also avoid New Years Eve, 4th of July etc.

  5. Me and my girlfriend are finally taking our first vacation after being together for three years. Staying at the Hard Rock. These tips are very helpful. I’ve been doing loads of research before traveling to LV. Hopefully it’s fun

    • +Yellow Productions
      Thanks man! I’ll try lol
      We’re forming a plan and trying to make sure everything goes as smooth as possible. Trying to also save the most money lol. About to watch more of your Vegas videos

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