In this video we took a family trip to Vegas, not only did we have fun but also came back with an amazing bearded dragon. We weren’t expecting to come back with anything but we did good. We show some random clips about our trip and the reptile stores we visited. This is about reptiles and other stuff 😉 Instagram: AndOtherstuff23

Products in video will be listed below:

Nature Zone: Bearded Dragon Salad Dressing:

Repashy Superfoods: Grub Pie (Insectivore Gel Premix):

Repashy Superfoods: Banana Cream Pie (Gel/Smoothie Fruit Treat Premix):

Repashy Superfoods: Mango Superblend (Meal Replacement Powder):

Zoo Med: Repti Shedding Aid:

Zoo Med: Reptisafe:

Zoo Med: Wipe Out 1: