It’s not often that Vegas gets snow, so we felt especially lucky that it snowed the night before we arrived! We were only in Vegas for a weekend, but no trip to Vegas is complete without a trip to Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area. It’s only a 20 minute drive from the Vegas strip, so we headed out to Red Rock Canyon for a day of hiking and adventures.

Exploring Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area was even cooler with the fresh layer of snow. We did multiple hikes and checked out all the best viewpoints in the park. It was a little muddy from all the recent snow, but we still had a blast. The best part is that all the main stops are located along one road in the park – Scenic Loop Drive.

If you want the exact details of everything we did and what to expect in Red Rock Canyon, make sure to check out our blog post:

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  1. I’m looking around for Santa Claus.,this Vegas out back is really special…i wish I was there…

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