This was my first trip to Las Vegas and it was so much fun! I didn’t talk much in this video because I wanted to enjoy the trip without too much technology but I hope you enjoy watching the highlights 🙂

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Copyright Disclaimer: I do not own any of the background music! All rights go to the respective artists! (Katy Perry, Papa Roach, etc.) I also used some iMovie material (traffic noises and Island Long for filler) Also the you don’t say meme is also not mine

3 thoughts on “First Trip to Las Vegas! Mini Vacation Vlog : Kat DeLeone

  1. IDK what it is, but you were super pretty in this! Anyway, seems like a fun time! <3

    • +Kat Isabella I am glad you were excited to the point of being super pretty! lol… dont ever not be excited!

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