California Road Trip (Part Five) LAS VEGAS!

Wow we are already hitting part 5 today and its looks like another great week! This time we are going to LAAAAAAS Vegas 😍😍

It was a great time, Noah had so much fun exploring the strip and everything around it.

This was also the first time in our road trip that we had some time to just relax at the swimming pool. Although we were a bit unlucky because the weather wasn’t that hot. Although when you see the video you would think otherwise πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So our first time making a swim in like 10 days felt soooooo good you can’t imagine.

Las Vegas is just a place where everything is possible, even with little children!

We were staying 3 days in Las Vegas so we had more time to relax and just enjoy with all the little things happening.

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4 thoughts on “California Road Trip (Part Five) LAS VEGAS | Our Family Pack Adventures

  1. We love Vegas too!!! Last time we went it was too cold for the pool. Looks like you’re having an epic Vacay! Noah is just too cute!!!!

  2. Super nice video. The beautiful strip of Las Vegas is amazing. Cool pool and food. What a fantastic day Guys! Thanks for sharing β€οΈπŸ‘

    • Hello Noah, my mum and dad been there for their honeymoon 12 years ago. I haven’t born then that time. But they told me how beautiful the place was. Maybe their next time visiting Las Vegas are with me and my brother this time hehe. Bellagio hotel is the best as where they stayed for honeymoon ❀️

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