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***Skip to 02:00 to ignore my back story gibberish… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…***

Hey guys! Just sharing my experience on how I got my US tourist visa a few months ago.

Being a permanent resident in Australia, I’m still using my Philippine passport so I’m not entitled to visa-less travel (read: ESTA) to the U.S., and therefore need to go through this process.

I’m excited to fly over and spend some time with my family. And just in time for the holidays, too. ❀️



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14 thoughts on “Applying for a US Tourist Visa in Australia | USA 2018

  1. Skip to 02:00 to ignore my back story gibberish… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Supporting documents I brought to the interview:
    -recent payslips
    -copy of my leave application at work
    -passport and notification letter of my Australian visa

  2. Hi sis may friend ako sa sydney…same visa processing lng po ba.new friend here

  3. Hi. What documents do i need to provide for applying US tourist visa? Police check din ba kailangan? Nsa Melbourne din po kasi ako at the moment.

  4. Our sisters in Australia too! Bagong kaibigan po! Napindot npo nmin lhat! Sna suportahan nyo din po kami! Thanks and keep in touchπŸ™πŸ˜

    • +Donna Reuyan Hi Donna! Yes. Nag student visa usa ko, dayun working visa and then PR. πŸ™‚

      I can barely remember the exact dates for some parts good thing naa sa email tanan. Haha! Here’s a rough sketch of my timeline:

      *August 11, 2014- Lodged application for Subclass 573
      *August 13, 2014- Student visa approved
      *February 17, 2015- arrived in Oz
      *March 2, 2015- start of uni
      *November 2015- Got hired by an employer willing to sponsor my working visa
      *December 18, 2015- Graduated from uni
      *December 31, 2015- received RN registration from AHPRA
      *January 25, 2016- 457 working visa application lodged
      *March 8, 2016- 457 visa approved
      *May 30, 2016- ANMAC assessment application lodged
      *July 26, 2016- assessment completed (just had to wait for the LOD in the mail)
      *February 27, 2017- added 1 year work experience to ANMAC LOD (for more points)
      *March 14, 2017- new ANMAC LOD issued
      *April 17, 2017- lodged EOI with 65 points
      *April 26, 2017- received invitation to apply for Subclass 189
      *May 23, 2017- applied for Subclass 189 (permanent residency visa)
      *September 20, 2017- subclass 189 visa approved

    • Hi Aura, what year gani ka nilarga padung australia? Nag transition ba ka from student to working and then working to PR visa? Pwede mo ask sa imong timeline?

    • +Lovely Villas Yung sa interview ko po, hindi na hinanap but I brought them with me (para sure). I guess mas maluwag sila pag Australian permanent resident. I would assume na mas strict sila pag naka temporary stay visa lang yung applicant so it’s best to have the supporting documents on hand in case they ask for it.

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