In 2017, the travel bans ruined my international travel plans, including my plans to return home for the first time in two years (I still haven’t!). After much deliberation, I decided to risk a trip to Vegas to see one of my best friends, Tristan. I also met our mutual friends Ericson Quero and Daniel Vu while I was there.

This was the trip that started everything. Ever since this visit to Vegas, Tristan and I have been taking trips twice a year together, and then some on our own. Our next planned stop is the Maldives.

All our trips are booked by 1 View Point, LLC: We did not receive payment to include this information here or in the video. They’re just that awesome.

Vloggers: Alexis Chateau, Tristan O’Bryan, Ericson Quero
Video Editing: Google & Alexis Chateau

Music: The song is called “URU” and was used with special permission from OneOnTheBeat. Find him on:
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