Timeshare Traps – Las Vegas Strip SCAMS You Must Avoid

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Join Las Vegas personalities Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty J. Scott as they explore the “6 Las Vegas Strip Scams You Must Avoid.” This series of videos will save you time and money on your next trip to Las Vegas! Each scam on this list is even more shocking than the once before it! No matter where on the Las Vegas strip you stay you are going to find these Las Vegas Scams just outside of your hotels room door. This is the most socking and informative content What’s New Vegas had released since our “9 Shocking Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip” and “What’s New In Vegas for 2018” videos.

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Timeshare Traps

You enter a Las Vegas resorts lobby and approach a well dressed person who appears to be a casino employee. You decide to ask them directions to the showroom or bar and the next thing you know you are being offered free show tickets, or a free night stay on your next visit! It’s your lucky day! The only catch being that you just have to come to a meeting and sit through a quick presentation about a brand-new resort opportunity. Then all of the gifts will be yours!

You figure why not its worth it to get a free night, or free show tickets, to hear someone talk for an hour. So you happily say yes to the offer and sometimes even reserves your space at the presentation with a small $50 refundable deposit that they promise to return at the end of the presentation.

Upon arriving at the presentation, you discover yourself in timeshare hard sell heck! Being relent sly sold timeshare vacation packages over and over again. You will be passed from one sales person to the next each one presenting a new better deal and selling you harder and harder to buy a timeshare. This may go on for hours and hours on end. Every time you demand your gifts and deposit so you can leave you are introduced to a new sales person who will sell you harder till you finally get so angry that they realize there is no point in continuing.

At the end of the presentation when it’s time to claim your gifts you will likely discover what they give you are vouchers you can redeem for a show, or free night! Yes! You beat them at their game right? Wrong! Upon further examination you may find that the voucher is for a show you could have gotten for free anyway, r the “free” ticket does not include heavy fees that have to be paid to use them. Your free night usually has to be booked via the number on the voucher and is limited to only a few mid-week nights a year subject to availability and a paragraph of restriction and exclusions. You quickly realize that you have just wasted hours of your vacation to be given worthless vouchers you will never be able to use. As for your deposit, well they will give it back to you eventually, sometimes weeks later and after many phone calls that will always lead to someone trying to convince you to buy a timeshare of course.

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