The Long Haul – Las Vegas Strip SCAMS You Must Avoid

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Join Las Vegas personalities Shawn J. Shoulders and Scotty J. Scott as they explore the “6 Las Vegas Strip Scams You Must Avoid.” This series of videos will save you time and money on your next trip to Las Vegas! Each scam on this list is even more shocking than the once before it! No matter where on the Las Vegas strip you stay you are going to find these Las Vegas Scams just outside of your hotels room door. This is the most socking and informative content What’s New Vegas had released since our “9 Shocking Secrets of the Las Vegas Strip” and “What’s New In Vegas for 2018” videos.

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The Long Haul

Once you land a McCarran most people stand in one of the very long taxi lines at the airport and after a very long wait they hop in a cab with a sometimes-friendly driver and ask to be taken to their hotel. Trusting that they will be taken there quickly, efficiently, and safely.

Often however you are going to be long hauled whenever you take a cab in Las Vegas. There are many ways to get anyplace in most cities, and Las Vegas is no exception. Taxi drivers know the quick ways to get from one place or another but will almost never take you that way. Instead they are going to take you on a bit of a joy ride, unscheduled tour of the city with the meter running.

This is not a practice done by just a few bad drivers either, according to many former taxi drivers we talked to for this article every single taxi company in Las Vegas pushes their drivers to long haul passengers. We were even told many tales of drivers who were punished or fired if they refused.

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